Report. Engage. Repeat.

Go Tell It —  available from Moody Publishers

Great stories are happening everywhere on the mission field. They could energize the church. Instead, too many of these stories are being told poorly, if at all. In fact, they often are told (or rather, sold) only as thinly veiled fund-raisers.

It doesn’t have to be this way. If great stories are reported well, for the sole purpose of “bragging on God,” people and congregations will engage. More people will pray, give, send and go – not because of a sales pitch, but because they’ve encountered real stories of God at work.

But how do we do this? In the era of smart phones and broadband, anyone can try to be a journalist. But not everyone’s a competent journalist.

Go Tell It explains how to write when you’re not a writer, how to interview when you are not a journalist, how to take photos when you are not a photographer, and how to share this with others once you have done it.” — Amazon reviewer

In Go Tell It, two career journalists provide advice on how to report better stories to a 21st century audience. You’ll find tips on writing, photography and video, plus advice on reporting in cross-cultural and security-sensitive places.

Go Tell It is a primer for anyone – from journalism students to church staffers to short-term team members to career missionaries – who wants to know how and why to effectively report stories of God’s work.

“Every once in a while a truly monumental idea comes along, something with the potential to actually change the way the church does the work of the kingdom.

Go Tell It hearkens back to a concept as elemental as the parables of Jesus: Tell a story.

“Forget bells and whistles and exclamation points. Don’t gush adjectives and adverbs. Just tell me what happened, in that place I’ve likely never been, to that person I’ll likely never meet. Reach my heart and soul with truth as universal as my senses and my emotions.

Go Tell It is as accessible as the easiest how-to, but profound, profound, profound. If it doesn’t trigger a lump in your throat and propel you down the road to action, please get out of my way.”

– Jerry B. Jenkins, Best-Selling Author

One-page guides from Moody Publishers


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