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‘Who is this man?’

At the heart of Luke’s gospel – after Jesus feeds the 5,000, heals many, raises Lazarus from the dead and calms a stormy sea  – lies the central question of all history: Who is this man? Luke builds the suspense … Continue reading

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To engage or retreat?

Thoughts after hearing a good sermon yesterday by Pastor Eric Wait at New Hope Church in Ogallala, Nebraska: In America, we live in an increasingly profane culture that holds decreasing regard for eternal topics in the public square. Currently, though, … Continue reading

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Cubs loss: A predictable story

Some stories satisfy you because of an unexpected twist, others because they so richly fulfill expectations. As predictably as a rom-com ending with a kiss, the Chicago Cubs lost at home yesterday during the 100th anniversary celebration of their beloved … Continue reading

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Is this heaven? No, it’s journalism

It helps that the topic is one my favorite movies. But what the Des Moines Register has accomplished with its “Field of Dreams at 25” package of stories, videos, photos and graphics is pretty special. Take a few minutes to … Continue reading

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We’re short-timers in a big world

I attended the visitation service this past weekend for a man I never met. His name is Steve. He’s the husband of our youngest daughter’s 3rd grade teacher, a woman who actually has taught all three of our daughters at the … Continue reading

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‘And now we have a movement’

The video shown below is terribly, terribly shot. If ever there was a lesson on the value of a tripod, this is it. Get past that, though, and listen to the better lesson: the importance of being a first follower. … Continue reading

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Lazy Journalism 101

Welcome to another edition of: “Look what those nutty Christians are up to now.” Lots of media reported on Tuesday’s blood moon – a lunar eclipse where the sunset glow from the Earth is reflected onto the moon, making it … Continue reading

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Hope springs everywhere

A few days ago here in Wisconsin, it was in the 60s. The air was warm. Children laughed and played. Adults laughed and played. The grip of winter lay broken under the weight of sunshine and joy and … “What’s … Continue reading

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‘I had no idea’

Last night, I had the opportunity to speak at church about what’s been happening in Egypt: a prayer movement that has accompanied the revolution and now is leading to unprecedented numbers of people coming to Christ, from all backgrounds. As … Continue reading

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Costly faith … three years later

Today, I revisited a blog post I wrote in January 2011, just after the bombing of the Saints Church in Alexandria, Egypt. I can view it today with a different lens, after visiting Egypt and hearing Christians there talk about what … Continue reading

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