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It’s just an angel — settle down!

If you’re looking for some levity in the Bible, an honest-to-goodness laugh, read Acts 12:12-17. Stories like this cannot be made up. Let’s track it: The apostle Peter, fresh off a divine jailbreak, makes his way back from the Big … Continue reading

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Knowing your enemy

Last week, a missionary friend and I got together for coffee. In the course of a conversation about story and book ideas, we got talking about suffering and perseverance. That’s a topic familiar to most missionaries, but his next statement … Continue reading

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The PowerPoint of the Prodigal Son

Sometimes the truth has to be dissected to be understood. But big truths don’t get communicated that way — they are best viewed and absorbed as a whole picture. That’s why art works. That’s how art works. And I think … Continue reading

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Emotional interviews, Part 2

Back to our conversation from last week, about ethics and interviewing. At Crossfield News, our interdenominational mission news agency, we’ve developed a set of ethical guidelines for reporting, based on three goals: We will observe without obstructing, we will report … Continue reading

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Keep asking until he cracks

If you’ve been watching the Winter Olympics this week, you probably saw that cringe-worthy interview of Alpine skier Bode Miller by NBC’s Christin Cooper. Cooper asked Miller about his emotions and about his late brother. Then asked again. And again, … Continue reading

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A Tale of Two Boats

The other day, on my way back from Haiti, I had the surreal experience in Ft. Lauderdale of looking across the channel at one of the most expensive pleasure boats in the world. It was Seven Seas, Steven Spielberg’s mega-yacht, which … Continue reading

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The one-man band

Last Thursday was a good reminder to me of how much reporting has changed. I do some communications work for our local rescue mission, and Thursday I covered an event where they were receiving a major donation check. Not that … Continue reading

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