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How to remove geotags from cellphone photos

Photos from sensitive places pose a challenge in telling stories. While conversations often center on creative ways to shoot a photo, or how to obscure someone’s face or location, one important factor tends to be neglected. Digital photos have invisible … Continue reading

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Every street; rainy day

Author Mark Sayers is one of today’s best cultural observers. In his new book, “Facing Leviathan,” he deconstructs our consumer / spectator culture and talks about the need for leaders to break free of it. The “society of spectacle” is … Continue reading

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The iPad for Professional Journalists If you’re an iPad user, or thinking about getting one for journalistic work, here’s a useful blog post from iPad Appstorm.

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The unavoidable task

Today, I’ll depart from some of the big-picture thoughts from the past week and take you behind the curtain to show you how the journalistic sausage is made. A week after getting home from Egypt, we’re almost through the most … Continue reading

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The one-man band

Last Thursday was a good reminder to me of how much reporting has changed. I do some communications work for our local rescue mission, and Thursday I covered an event where they were receiving a major donation check. Not that … Continue reading

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Journalism’s revolution

A friend, the editor of a small daily newspaper here in Illinois, asked me (Jim) a tough question this week: What I would I tell a high-school senior who wonders if there’s a career anymore in being a reporter? Actually, … Continue reading

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Transcribing interviews … ugh

Most journalists use voice recorders for interviewing, and then face the tedious task of transcribing those interviews. Here’s a workflow idea to speed up that process. Record the interview and create the audio file. My Olympus recorder plugs into the … Continue reading

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