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Wienermobile crash causes heartache

HARRISBURG, Pa. — Choking back tears, local processed meat lovers outside Pennsylvania’s capital bid farewell to an old friend — the local Oscar Meyer Wienermobile. The Wienermobile crashed outside a popular local deli on Sunday afternoon, just after lunchtime. Efforts to … Continue reading

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Wonder in a Butterfly’s Wings

This is a blue morpho butterfly, native to Central and South America. My wife and I spent part of Saturday at Texas Discovery Gardens, next to the Cotton Bowl in Dallas. The gardens’ featured attraction is the two-story Butterfly House and … Continue reading

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The Old Man and the App

Among the best self-editing tools I’ve ever seen is “Hemingway,” an app that helps you write like Ernest Hemingway. Well, sort of. The app — $6.99 at — analyzes any piece of writing for simplicity. Short sentences. Plain language. … Continue reading

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