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The unavoidable task

Today, I’ll depart from some of the big-picture thoughts from the past week and take you behind the curtain to show you how the journalistic sausage is made. A week after getting home from Egypt, we’re almost through the most … Continue reading

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Gendercide: A terribly common story

There’s a story out there, a very common story. It goes something like this: I did what I wanted, how I wanted, to whom I wanted, because I wanted to do it — or at least felt I needed to. … Continue reading

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Choose wisely

Had another one of those “What the heck am I doing here?” moments last Friday, attending a large prayer conference in a soccer arena near Cairo, Egypt. Of the 4,000 to 5,000 people attending, Lincoln and I were the only non-Egyptians. … Continue reading

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Eyewitness News

Walking through the ancient remains of Memphis, Egypt, last week provided a solid reminder of just how important on-site documentation is for the preservation of history. The sphinx shown at left is a well-preserved artifact of ancient Egypt — one … Continue reading

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What God is up to in Egypt

From its infancy, our missionary journalism ministry has been about two primary things we seek to report to the church: What is God up to, and how can people get in on it? The second part is easier than the … Continue reading

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Find the truth, know the truth

On your next half-hour break, take a listen to this fascinating Radiolab feature on the real origin of the AIDS pandemic. I learned all kinds of stuff — including how old HIV really is, according to some very dedicated biologists … Continue reading

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Dying to selfie

What’s the greatest photo ever taken? Well, according to the Internet this week, it was the selfie taken Sunday by Bradley Cooper at the Oscars. Host Ellen DeGeneres gathered about a dozen Hollywood A-listers and Cooper took the photo with … Continue reading

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