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Eyewitness News

Shepherds are forever part of the Christmas story. But that’s only because a reporter asked the right questions of the right people Continue reading

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Believe it or not

In an age where bad information runs rampant, Christians can act counterculturally. Elvis lives. The moon landings were faked. Some of the world’s leaders are really alien lizard people. Prominent politicians are part of a secret sex-trafficking ring that drinks … Continue reading

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Discerning truth in news

From the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity: Former BBC journalist Julia Bicknell talks about navigating misinformation, disinformation, “fake news” and conspiracy theories. This is comprehensive, thoughtful and worth your time.

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Smartphone Photography

Here’s an interview with Pulitzer Prize-winning news photographer Scott Strazzante, who is also one of the best in the world at smartphone photography. LINKS Hipstamatic camera app Scott’s portfolio page at Photoshelter Scott’s Instagram feed Scott’s book: Shooting from the … Continue reading

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Apocalypse Sunday

Editor’s note: In a departure from the usual type of Go Tell It post, this one simply illustrates how creative writing can teach. My friend, Cherice Ullrich, and her colleague, Chris Jones, teach Bible at Rockford (Ill.) Christian High School. … Continue reading

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Overcoming the monster

People who teach writing like to talk about the basic elements of any good story. Characters. Setting. Conflict. A 350-foot-tall lizard that breathes lightning and threatens humanity. Stick with me here. Any story needs a monster, and according to three … Continue reading

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From prayer letter to video story

  The video above came about through strong communication among Wycliffe Global Alliance partners. Let me walk you through the process. Jurek Marcol, director of the Biblical Missionary Association (Wycliffe Poland), wrote a letter about working with Roma people in … Continue reading

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5 keys to shooting smartphone video of yourself

Suppose you need to shoot a video of yourself speaking. Even if you have no equipment other than a smartphone, here are five ways to maximize quality: 1. Lighting Light your face. If there is a window, it should be … Continue reading

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Inside jargon, outside voice

During a recent sermon, American televangelist and presidential adviser Paula White prayed: “We command all satanic pregnancies to miscarry right now.” Wait, what? Social media went crazy. Isn’t she pro-life? Who is satanic and pregnant? Those Christians really are nuts. … Continue reading

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Writing for a global audience

Imagine you are talking with a friend. Then write that way. That was one of the best pieces of writing advice I ever received in college. It has served me well through almost four decades now, because it helps me … Continue reading

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