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To engage or retreat?

Thoughts after hearing a good sermon yesterday by Pastor Eric Wait at New Hope Church in Ogallala, Nebraska: In America, we live in an increasingly profane culture that holds decreasing regard for eternal topics in the public square. Currently, though, … Continue reading

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Dying to selfie

What’s the greatest photo ever taken? Well, according to the Internet this week, it was the selfie taken Sunday by Bradley Cooper at the Oscars. Host Ellen DeGeneres gathered about a dozen Hollywood A-listers and Cooper took the photo with … Continue reading

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Cliches make bad stories

OK, maybe it’s a bit cynical, but this video about Christian cliches can be instructive to storytellers: Just don’t. If a phrase is commonly used, and sounds churchy, then don’t use it in your writing or your video. Cliches are … Continue reading

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Duck dinosaurs

I (Jim) read two things this morning that encouraged me both as a journalist and as a Christian. One was a discussion by author and pastor Timothy Keller of how the world began, and how incompletely the science vs. religion … Continue reading

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