A golden opportunity

Journalists tend to be idealists. While we don’t always admit it, we like the idea that what we do could help change the world. That’s best accomplished when our words, photos and videos function as a mirror for our communities. Our work can show what’s right and wrong with our world. It can provide a forum for people to think about solutions.

In a Christian context, great journalism shines a light on the works of God and helps audiences to engage: pray, give, send and go. We think that’s Track One of a two-track movement God is stirring: Journalists are being called to tell the world what’s happening on the mission field.

“Well-told testimony stories are a key ingredient of revival everywhere and at all times,” wrote our friend David Aikman, a former senior correspondent for TIME Magazine.

In Track Two, journalists will multiply that work by teaching our craft to missionaries, foreign nationals and others working in and around ministry. That’s an idea that caught the imagination of another friend of ours, best-selling novelist and biographer Jerry B. Jenkins.

“The idea of journalists training missionaries to be storytellers is unique and can change the face of missions,” Jenkins said. “Great stories engage people and can energize the church to more impassioned prayer and even more sending and going.”

We believe God is gathering an army of people to do both facets of this work. We hope you’ll ask yourself: In what way could I become part of this movement in 2014? Then we hope, and pray, that you get so restless that you’ll do something about it.

In the foreword to our upcoming book, “Go Tell It,” Aikman wrote about the need for better storytelling from the mission field:

“I think, in a way, Christians are being handed a golden opportunity to raise standards across the landscape of reporting and, through their excellence, make it attractive for ordinary people to witness the wonders of what God is doing around the world.”

That’s a pretty incredible opportunity.

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