‘And now we have a movement’

The video shown below is terribly, terribly shot. If ever there was a lesson on the value of a tripod, this is it.

Get past that, though, and listen to the better lesson: the importance of being a first follower. Go ahead, watch it now.

When I left a comfortable career to pursue missionary journalism, I was following a good friend who would have no problem being described as a lone nut doing something great. My journey so far hasn’t looked the same as his. It may never. But we are convinced that God has put us onto something great. Pursuing it is worth the risk of looking stupid in front of a bunch of people.

Now we are looking for more nuts: people who want to help stir this movement to tell God’s stories better … people who have been earnestly praying about what God wants them to do with their careers, and now are ready to do something about it.

Last week, after I wrote about the need for journalists to join us, I heard from several of you. You believe God is leading you in this direction. One, in fact, is taking a huge step of faith financially and joining us at the Evangelical Press Association convention in a couple of weeks – because she feels God asking her, “Do you trust me?”

God always rewards steps of faith. Always. And it’s almost never the reward we would have expected. That’s what makes following hard after him such an adventure. If you’re restless, prayerful, skilled and ready to take a chance, contact us. We need you. We’re tired of doing this goofy dance by ourselves.



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