Is this heaven? No, it’s journalism

Universal Studios

Universal Studios

It helps that the topic is one my favorite movies. But what the Des Moines Register has accomplished with its “Field of Dreams at 25” package of stories, videos, photos and graphics is pretty special. Take a few minutes to check it out.

This package takes a very large story – especially significant for the paper’s Iowa audience – and breaks it into chapters and installments based on the best way to tell each part of the story. Then, it’s all pulled together in an interactive online package that can best be read on a tablet.

This is the future of in-depth journalism. Unfortunately, most newspapers have nowhere near the resources to pull this off. Niche publications, though, are another matter. For instance, as Crossfield News evolves quickly in the coming months and years, we envision taking packages to this level – packages like our current Egypt coverage.

Imagine telling God’s stories with an unmatched format and quality level. Imagine the impact that could have.

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