Mobile video: Apps, links and more

For the benefit of those who attended my mobile video workshop today at Northern Illinois University (and anyone else interested), here are the app suggestions and useful links.


With video editing apps, look for multitrack editing so you are able to add b-roll.

  • iOS: iMovie ($4.99), Pinnacle Studio ($12.99) or Videolicious (free)
  • Android: VidTrim Pro or VideoMaker Pro Free; Kinemaster Pro ($2.99) if device supports it
  • FiLMiC Pro ($4.99) – for iOS. This one has lots of pro features, like selective focus and exposure, setting key frames, adjusting zoom speed and more.
  • Hyperlapse – for shooting time-lapse video (free from Instagram)
  • ProCamera (7.99) – set resolution, shutter speed for stills
  • DropBox (free)
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc, (free)
  • Skype – and here’s how to record those interviews.


7 apps for mobile journalists

Good (but dated) list of video editing apps for journalists

iMovie tutorial (one of many good ones)

NYTimes video as an example of a “process” story.


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