Civilization and graphic design



This graphic represents not only one of my favorite quotes, but also what you can create in five minutes on a website called It’s kind of a layman’s substitute for PhotoShop and InDesign. Not nearly as versatile as those two industry-standard applications, but a nice tool for creating quick infographics, social media slides and many other visual communication pieces. You can use your own photos and illustrations, or Canva’s. Theirs usually range in price from free to a dollar or two. Then you simply download your finished product as a jpg, png or pdf.

Credit to Esther Havens for the photo, from a 2016 Seed Company story trip to Slovakia. This little girl was one of hundreds of Roma kids who play in the streets of a village called Hlinne. As we walked and dodged the joyous clamor, I thought about that Durant quote. Not much headline news ever comes from a place like this … but wonderful stories sure do.

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