‘I had no idea’


Last night, I had the opportunity to speak at church about what’s been happening in Egypt: a prayer movement that has accompanied the revolution and now is leading to unprecedented numbers of people coming to Christ, from all backgrounds.

As I spoke with people afterward, their most common response was: “ I had no idea that all of this was going on.”

This is an extremely missions-minded church that supports missionaries and ministries in strategic spots all over the world. And yet, a tremendous movement of God in one of the most spiritually important places on earth has gone largely unnoticed. We find this to be true of God’s work in many other places, too. He is doing something big, but the worldwide church is largely unaware.

That’s usually not the church’s fault. Romans 10:14 says, “How can they hear about him unless someone tells them?” That certainly goes for people unreached by the gospel, but it also goes for people who need to know what God is doing in the world. The eternal cost of telling God’s stories poorly – or not telling them at all – is staggering. If people don’t know, they don’t pray. They don’t give. They don’t send. And they don’t go.

If you are a missionary, you need to be a reporter, too. You are the link between what God is doing in your field and the worldwide church that needs to know. If you lack the skills to effectively tell God’s stories from where you are, we can help. Pick up our book, “Go Tell It,” which releases May 1. We also offer in-person training to mission agencies and ministries worldwide in reporting, writing, photography and videography. Ask us about it.

If you are a journalist, we need you! Your skill set is critically important to the Great Commission. Talk to us about how to get involved. Maybe it’s a short-term trip with us now and then. Maybe it’s doing interviews from home, by Skype. Or maybe it’s a whole new career calling that could put you in places you never dreamed of working … all with an eternal significance.


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