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Report globally and help the Church engage

A video segment from Jimmy Kimmel Live! is getting big social media play this week. People interviewed on the street could not identify a single country on a world map. Not even their own. It couldn’t possibly be this bad. Could it? Things … Continue reading

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Story criteria: Is it unique?

Next on our list of criteria when choosing stories to pursue for Crossfield News: The story must be unique and distinctive. That means it’s either gone unreported or underreported elsewhere. We have little interest in attending press conferences, or in … Continue reading

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Angels and demons

The movie “Heaven is for Real” cost $12 million to make and as of a week ago had raked in more than $52 million at the box office. Apparently a lot of people are interested in grappling with its central … Continue reading

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Hope springs everywhere

A few days ago here in Wisconsin, it was in the 60s. The air was warm. Children laughed and played. Adults laughed and played. The grip of winter lay broken under the weight of sunshine and joy and … “What’s … Continue reading

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‘I had no idea’

Last night, I had the opportunity to speak at church about what’s been happening in Egypt: a prayer movement that has accompanied the revolution and now is leading to unprecedented numbers of people coming to Christ, from all backgrounds. As … Continue reading

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Egypt’s freedom trip reaches crossroads

“Liars.” That was the description we heard in Egypt of journalists from CNN and Al-Jazeera, among other news agencies covering the country. CNN is disliked in Egypt for reporting lines like this: “Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, had been … Continue reading

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Eyewitness News

Walking through the ancient remains of Memphis, Egypt, last week provided a solid reminder of just how important on-site documentation is for the preservation of history. The sphinx shown at left is a well-preserved artifact of ancient Egypt — one … Continue reading

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What God is up to in Egypt

From its infancy, our missionary journalism ministry has been about two primary things we seek to report to the church: What is God up to, and how can people get in on it? The second part is easier than the … Continue reading

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