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WWHTD? How churches can produce more world Christians

Famed 19th-century missionary Hudson Taylor suggested a four-part process for engaging congregations in missions. 1. Missions are preached every Sunday; 2. Every person in the church knows his/her personal responsibility to support the work of missionaries; 3. Missionaries must give … Continue reading

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The church and expensive perfume

A bit random and off-topic today, but it tracks with a conversation I’ve been having with a friend. Here goes … There’s one story from the gospels I always have trouble with. It’s where Jesus lets Mary, the sister of … Continue reading

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World Cup holds up mirror to life

The collective yawn that usually greets the World Cup on these U.S. shores has given way to real live celebration and excitement. The shots of fans in Chicago hollering about shots in Manaus thrill the hearts of fütbol fans everywhere. You … Continue reading

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Every street; rainy day

Author Mark Sayers is one of today’s best cultural observers. In his new book, “Facing Leviathan,” he deconstructs our consumer / spectator culture and talks about the need for leaders to break free of it. The “society of spectacle” is … Continue reading

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Heroes in the land

“The godly people in the land are my true heroes! I take pleasure in them!” – Ps. 16:3 (NLT) Imagine if you could bring nine people you consider heroes into the same room and let them share their stories. They … Continue reading

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The PowerPoint of the Prodigal Son

Sometimes the truth has to be dissected to be understood. But big truths don’t get communicated that way — they are best viewed and absorbed as a whole picture. That’s why art works. That’s how art works. And I think … Continue reading

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Duck dinosaurs

I (Jim) read two things this morning that encouraged me both as a journalist and as a Christian. One was a discussion by author and pastor Timothy Keller of how the world began, and how incompletely the science vs. religion … Continue reading

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