What God is up to in Egypt

From its infancy, our missionary journalism ministry has been about two primary things we seek to report to the church: What is God up to, and how can people get in on it?

kdec-6784The second part is easier than the first sometimes. Getting involved in missions can be as simple as writing a check or volunteering for short-term work. Telling people what the needs are, and how they can help meet those needs, isn’t all that difficult.

But first discovering what God is up to? That takes all the journalism skills we can muster, plus logistics, plus networking, plus financial support … all surrounded by a huge amount of prayer. Even once we are on site somewhere in the world, it isn’t always immediately apparent how God is working and what stories we need to tell. Discovering those takes time: finding the right people and getting to the right places.

Lincoln and I just spent 11 days in Egypt, talking with Christians at the center of a huge prayer movement that preceded the 2011 revolution and carries on today. They don’t necessarily claim credit for the revolution that toppled longtime President Hosni Mubarak. But they do believe that God protected that revolution. They believe he allowed the short, disastrous government by the Muslim Brotherhood to implode a year after it took power. They believe political Islam has been discredited and mortally wounded – not just in Egypt – and that only God could have caused that to happen so quickly.

And: They are seeing Egyptian people are coming to Christ in staggering numbers: tens of thousands every week, and that’s only the beginning. One influential pastor we interviewed believes it will spread throughout the Middle East. In fact, it already has started. He gave us a quote that sent chills through me as I wrote it in my notebook:

“We are about to see the greatest revival in the history of mankind.”

Suddenly, our central journalistic question, “What is God up to?” seems too small. More appropriately: “What is God doing that is about to shake the whole world?” Because we’ve just seen something absolutely enormous unfolding in Egypt.

Our task for the next several weeks is to report those stories carefully, accurately and completely. Please pray for us. More importantly, stand in prayer with the people of Egypt. Ask your church to do the same. As we publish these stories, share them with influential leaders.

Trust us: This is something you want in on.

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  1. Don PRICE says:

    Wow! I look forward to hearing more.

  2. We need to gather people together to pray to the Lord for revival.

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