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Life and death stories are the best

I talked to a statistic today. He’s doing well, all things considered. My numeric friend has an office two doors down from mine. A few days ago, he survived a heart attack caused by full blockage of his “widow-maker,” the left anterior descending coronary … Continue reading

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Cultivating great story sources

Yesterday Jim talked about two really important story questions: “Is it interesting?” and “Is it important?” If you don’t have those two going for you, find a different angle. Or story. But where to find good examples? The ocean of … Continue reading

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Miracles and searching for truth

Piggy-backing on Jim’s blog yesterday … Several years ago, I attended Sunday worship at a church in Kolkata, India. After the service, the pastor asked us Americans to stay a while and pray for whoever asked. I wasn’t standing there … Continue reading

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Blowing up the neighbor’s house with dynamite

Score one for Big Brother. By now people have heard and read so much about Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s racist rant that he’s on his way to being old news. For those who’ve just awakened from a coma, … Continue reading

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Cubs loss: A predictable story

Some stories satisfy you because of an unexpected twist, others because they so richly fulfill expectations. As predictably as a rom-com ending with a kiss, the Chicago Cubs lost at home yesterday during the 100th anniversary celebration of their beloved … Continue reading

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We’re short-timers in a big world

I attended the visitation service this past weekend for a man I never met. His name is Steve. He’s the husband of our youngest daughter’s 3rd grade teacher, a woman who actually has taught all three of our daughters at the … Continue reading

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Hope springs everywhere

A few days ago here in Wisconsin, it was in the 60s. The air was warm. Children laughed and played. Adults laughed and played. The grip of winter lay broken under the weight of sunshine and joy and … “What’s … Continue reading

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