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WWHTD? How churches can produce more world Christians

Famed 19th-century missionary Hudson Taylor suggested a four-part process for engaging congregations in missions. 1. Missions are preached every Sunday; 2. Every person in the church knows his/her personal responsibility to support the work of missionaries; 3. Missionaries must give … Continue reading

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When spectacle obscures story

Everything is Awesome!!! If you’ve seen “The Lego Movie,” I’ve just triggered that obnoxious, earworm of a song to start playing again in your head. You’re welcome. I’m aware that most critics loved this movie. It’s smart, cynical, funny and … Continue reading

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Blogging from your mission trip

From our friend Bruce Herwig at Trinity Church in Redlands, Calif., here’s good advice on blogging from your short-term mission trip. And thanks, Bruce, for the plug for our book!

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In disaster aftermath, God’s stories don’t stop

I’m writing this on an airplane after spending the past two days in Covington, Louisiana, helping to train ReachGlobal’s Crisis Response staff to be reporters. Of all mission work, crisis response offers some of the best opportunity for bragging on … Continue reading

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The stream and the banks

Historian and philosopher Will Durant liked to see the big picture. The history of the whole world, for instance. Between the 1930s and the 1970s, he and his wife, Ariel, wrote an 11-volume opus called “The Story of Civilization.” They … Continue reading

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Life and death stories are the best

I talked to a statistic today. He’s doing well, all things considered. My numeric friend has an office two doors down from mine. A few days ago, he survived a heart attack caused by full blockage of his “widow-maker,” the left anterior descending coronary … Continue reading

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Cultivating great story sources

Yesterday Jim talked about two really important story questions: “Is it interesting?” and “Is it important?” If you don’t have those two going for you, find a different angle. Or story. But where to find good examples? The ocean of … Continue reading

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